Seacoast Lacrosse Club is an independent, all volunteer, non-profit organization committed to providing a high quality youth Lacrosse program for players aged 6-15 years old, who reside within the Portsmouth High School Administrative Unit (SAU 50 & 52)

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Change Team: 
Way to go Team Gold!!!
by posted 05/08/2021

HI All-

I do not usually write after games but I wanted to share our feelings of how proud Sarah and I were of how the girls played today.  For the first time all season I saw kids marking up on defense and moving around on offense.  

Leia- was in a open position for shooting and took some great shots.  She hustled on middie and brought the ball down many times in the first half.

Tess- Stayed on her man when she was playing defense and was open all the time on offense

Lulu- Kicked it up a notch. used her speed to get ground balls, was open on attack and, found players to mark up on for defense.  She got a stellar goal when she ran the crease at the end.

Kingston- had many amazing interceptions on middie, was open on attach and had some great shots.  She was able to mark up on defense and find the open player.

Charlotte- was able to mark up on defense, and adjusted her body to the correct position when I said "Watch body position"

Carter- was open on attack and moved around the arc to get open

Hazel- hustled a great deal, saw open players to pass to and played very tight defense

Addie- had the game of her life.  She was all over for defense, dropped to help get the players with the ball, had great defense positioning. She worked the ball around the crease on offense, made many great passes to open players.

Sierra- had an amazing game as well on middie.  She played solid defense and adjusted her body to play defense.  She saw many open players, made some great assists.

Penelope- was standing with me on sideline and said " you know, I would like to try goalie, my parents said I would be good at it.'  So she went in second half at goalie and killed it."  Way to go!

Caroline- had an amazing game as well with hard shots on goal, passing to the open player on offense.  Her defense was rock solid.  She had great body positioning and was able to adjust her body when I reminded her.  She also crashed and helped her teammates when a girl was coming into score.


My favorite part of the game was when I looked at our defense and every girl was marking up and their bodies were in the right position.  Fantastic Job Team Gold!

Have a great Mother's Day!  

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Reminder change in practice today- May 7
by posted 05/07/2021

Hi Team Gold and Team White:

Just a reminder that our two teams are practicing at Dondero today from 5-6:30pm. 

The other two teams are at Newington Elementary.  We need the space and lined fields to go over game concepts.

See you all at 5:00pm.


Coach Meg and Coach Aaron

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Local Camp with a US Lax Player!
by posted 05/03/2021

Hi Everyone-

Many of you ask me at the end of our season if I have any camps I would recommend over the summer.  Well now I do!  Kristen Marshall (Kristen Kjellman), one of our own coaches is holding a Pro-Lacrosse camp right here in Dover at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in July.  I have already signed up all my girls to attend.  I have personally worked with Kristen over the summer and this year and she is wonderful with the kids and one of the best lacrosse players in the world!

Click on the link below and it will take you to more information about the camp.  If you have any questions, please email her directly at:

Go Seacoast!!

Kristen's Camp:

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Practice Schedule Week of May3rd
by posted 05/02/2021

Hi Team Gold and Team White:

Our practice schedule this week is as follows:

Wednesday, May 5 from 5-6:15pm at Newington Elementary School

***Friday, May 7th from 5-6:30pm at Dondero Elementary School.***

Please take note of the change of location and time for Friday, May 7th.

This is ONLY for team gold and team white.  We needed a bigger space with more goals to use for this practice.

Thank you so much!

Coach Meg and Coach Aaron

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Sign Up Genius has changed for 10U Girls!
by posted 04/19/2021

Hey Everyone-

We have changed our sign up genius!  We removed some jobs and added a few ball tossers for one of our stations for a few weeks.  Please check out the new link.  If you have not signed up for anything yet, please do so.  We have a large group of kids and could really use the help.  The link is below.



Meg, Pete, Amber, Sarah, and Aaron


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What a Great First Day!!!
by posted 04/10/2021

Hi All 10 U Girls Lax Parents,

We had a great first day!  The weather was amazing and seeing the kids back on the field was awesome!  I have put the girls into rosters on their permanent teams.  The teams and coaches they played with today, are the ones we are going to stick with for the rest of the season.  All the coaches felt there was a nice mix of older players and younger players.

Practice Location (Starting Wednesday April 14)

Newington Elementary School

133 Nimble Hill Rd, Newington NH 03801

Practice Days: Wednesday and Friday

Time: 5-6:15pm

All games will be on Saturday am.  

How to check out who your coaches are and what other kids are on your team:

I (Meg) will be the main person who will contact you about practices.  Your coaches will be the main person to contact you about your games and the location of your games.  If you are not sure who your coaches are, please go to our website and select the drop down menu teams.  Then click on 3/4 gold, or 3/4 maroon, or 3/4 gray, or 3/4 white.  Once you go to a team, click on the roster for that team and you will see the kids who are on that team and the coaches.

Go Seacoast!!!


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